March 29, 2023



March 29, 2023



CALL TO ORDER:  Board Chair Jeremy Engle called the meeting of the Liberty School District Board of Directors to order at 7:00 p.m.  The flag salute was given, and a quorum was declared.  Others present were board members Chad Denny, Stephanie Stout, Chad Cornmesser and Superintendent Jerrad Jeske. 


AGENDA REVIEW:  A revision to the order of the administration reports was noted.



  • Jerrad Jeske congratulated the Knowledge Bowl team for winning state and noted they are still in the Civics Bowl running’s.  Mr. Jeske thanked Counselor Jenn McKenna for her work on the trades fair hosted at Freeman.
  • Kyle Dodge thanked the spring coaches for their ability to adjust to the spring weather, and all the volunteers helping to get the fields and track ready for the season.


ELEMENTARY/JUNIOR HIGH REPORT:  The following were a part of Alex Saywers report:

  • March kicked off with Read Across America Day, where some of our community members and parents came to read to our classes. I heard lots of positive feedback from both students and parents on this event. 
  • The math pilot work continues and Deb Kowalkoski came out to advise on the process.  Staff were able to go in two teams to visit and observe some other teachers using the same curriculum and then interview their staff about the adoption process. The plan is to look at one more curriculum this spring before deciding which direction to go in the fall.
  • After a long absence, Cyndi Clements (Freeman) is back! Cyndi led our staff in a great PD discussing her heart transplant.
  • This morning, Mrs. McKenna and Mr. Redell took the 8th graders over to Freeman for a trade fair organized my Mrs. McKenna and the Freeman staff. The students returned with lots of positive feedback and we hope to see this become a yearly event.
  • The K-5 Awards Assembly focusing on the character trait of honesty was today. Friday will be the Junior High Quarter 3 Awards Assembly.
  • Conferences start tomorrow with early releases, then Spring Break begins next week.


HIGH SCHOOL REPORT:  The following were a part of Aaron Fletcher’s report presented by Alex Saywers:

  • The FFA District resulted in numerous teams qualifying for State.  Members will represent Liberty in Kennewick, May 11-13th.
  • The Spring MAPs assessments are now complete.
  • Prom is set for April 22nd, at the Steamplant.
  • Drivers Ed begins April 10th.  
  • ASB elections will be taking place April 26th
  • Mr. Pendon and the honor band performed at the Fox Theater on March 20th and there is a concert tonight in Lancer gym. 
  • Spokane Scholars Banquet is April 10th, and we will have 6 students being recognized.
  • 3rd quarter pride assembly is tomorrow as well as Senior Signing Day at 8:30 a.m.
  • Character trait class visits will be April 11th.
  • LCEF hosted lunch for our seniors, in order to talk about scholarship opportunities on March 28th.
  • NHS induction will be April 26th, at 6:00 p.m.
  • Smarter Balance Assessments will begin in April.
  • Civics Bowl air date competition number two will be April 3rd, if they win, we will see them again on April 17th aired on PBS.


SUPERINTENDENT REPORT:  The following was a part of Jerrad Jeske’s report:

  • FTE stays steady at 563.
  • The audits have been going well and the Exit Interview will be scheduled soon.  Joy Puckett does tremendous work to get those completed.
  • We had our first cardiac arrest training with some staff here in our school.  Ali Horlacher brought someone in to walk us through the procedure.  The training emphasized response times and working through any obstacles.  In the event of a cardiac episode, we will go into a modified lockdown, so that adults are staying with students, while sending the right trained staff to the emergency.  We hope to have another training to walk through it again.  Thank you to Ali for getting that arranged.
  • Legislative Report:
  • The TK language is still not complete but everything will finish up by April 23rd, with more info to come.  What they do there, will depend how we go forward.
  • The proposal for free meals, has moved the Free and Reduced from 40% down to 25%.  Liberty is currently at 30% Free and Reduced.
  • The isolation restraint bill has died in the senate.
  • Maintenance Report:
  • Circulation pump has finally come in and they will start that over break.  We are looking into refurbishing the old pump, in order to reserve it as a backup.
  • We continue to wait on parts for the WWTP.
  • Electrical for the well was inspected yesterday, and Gady Pump can now complete the work on the variable speed control.

*Jeremy Engle inquired on the arrival of the two new vans.  Jerrad Jeske reported that the first van is supposed to be here the first week of April.  The second van is still way out in the future, with no set timeline. 


LIBERTY ATHLETICS REPORT:  The following were a part of Kyle Dodge’s report:

  • Spring sports have started with softball, baseball and track all competing this week.
  • HS Track and Field hosts a league meet on April 11th.
  • MS spring sports all have a huge turnout, and the fields are full.
  • The HS Girls Basketball Coach position is posted and will close in April.
  • The Cheer Coach position remains open.

*Jeremy Engle inquired about the declining numbers in HS sports.  Both Kyle Dodge and Jerrad Jeske confirmed it is a trend they are seeing across the state and could be attributed to a multitude of reasons.



  • Julie Grumbly raised questions about the possibility of hosting a soccer meet, college in the high school, access to defibrillators, and running start.


CONSENT AGENDA: Chad Denny made a motion to approve the consent agenda as follows:

*Approval of regular board meeting minutes from February 22, 2023

*General Fund Checks #115500-115501 in the amount of $11,121.68

*General Fund Checks #115523-115588 in the amount of $158,654.80

*GF Comp Tax Check #202200019 in the amount of $81.29

*Capital Projects Fund Checks #115589-115592 in the amount of $33,235.53

*ASB Fund Checks #115593-115600 in the amount of $2,989.75

*Payroll for March 2023 and Checks #115502-115522 in the amount of $622,717.40

*VOID Check #115490, REISSUE #115499 in the amount of $34.06

*Personnel Action:

  • Resignations: Dave Baird – HS Head Girls Basketball Coach, Amy Strobel – Cheer Coach, Sam Silvieus – HS Assistant Softball Coach
  • Appointments: Cami Canning – JH Head Track Coach

Stephanie Stout seconded the motion, and it passed all-in-favor.



  • First reading of Policy 3411 - Accommodating Students with Seizure Disorders or Epilepsy.  It was noted that the current district Policy 3411 – Pediculosis (Head Lice), will be reassigned to policy number 3409, in order to align the new policy with WSSDA.
  • A school district credit card for Steve Braun was discussed, and it was agreed that it would be necessary to move forward with a resolution to approve a credit card under Steve Braun at the next board meeting. 



  1. FFA Nationals May 1st-5th in Oklahoma City.

Chad Denny made a motion to approve FFA Nationals May 1st-5th in Oklahoma City, Chad Cornmesser seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

  1. State Softball in Yakima, May 25-27th.

Stephanie Stout made a motion to approve State Softball in Yakima, May 25-27th, Chad Denny seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

  1. State Track and Field in Yakima, May 25-27th.

Chad Denny made a motion to approve State Track and Field in Yakima, May 25-27th, Chad Cornmesser seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

  1. State Baseball in Ephrata, May 25-27th.  

Chad Denny made a motion to approve State Baseball in Ephrata, May 25-27th, Stephanie Stout seconded, and the motion passes unanimously.


ITEMS FOR THE NEXT AGENDA:  Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - 7:00 PM

  1. Second reading and approval of Policy 3411 - Accommodating Students with Seizure Disorders or Epilepsy.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 7:49 p.m. Jeremy Engle announced the board would enter into executive session to discuss personnel as allowed by RCW 42.30.110 (g) for 30 minutes.


The board exited the executive session at 8:16p.m. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 p.m.









Minutes not approved until signed at the next regular board meeting April 26, 2023.