August 24, 2022



August 24, 2022 


CALL TO ORDER:  Board Chair Chad Cornmesser called the meeting of the Liberty School District Board of Directors to order at 7:02 p.m.  The flag salute was given, and a quorum was declared.  Others present were board members Mark Bullock, Chad Denny, Stephanie Stout, Jeremy Engle and Superintendent Jerrad Jeske. 


AGENDA REVIEW:  No changes were noted.



  • Jerrad Jeske gave a thanks to the custodial staff and to Connie Anderson for their work over the summer.  He also made mention of the of the number of staff putting in extra hours over the summer getting their classrooms ready.
  • Alex Saywers gave a shout out to Ali Horlacher the new nurse, for jumping in and taking on the new role.  He also thanked the office staff for all of their hard work getting ready for the school year.


SUPERINTENDENT REPORT:  The following was a part of Jerrad Jeske’s report:

  • Staff orientation covered social and emotional learning with Dr. Gurian.  Feedback from staff was positive and thank you to Cyndi Freeman for putting that together.  Dianna Harrington worked with the staff on the second day.
  • Deputy Walton went over the trauma kits as well as discussing ways to secure our facilities in order to keep our kids safe. 
  • The principals were thanked for their work on preparing for the orientations.
  • Open House was a huge hit with lots of families and new faces.  Thank you to Stephanie Stout for helping with the ice cream social.  A new family mentioned that it was after speaking with Mr. Saywers that they decided to send their children to Liberty.
  • We have three new people inquiring about driving bus, which is great as we have no subs in the pool at this point.
  • Kindergarten currently sits at 35 students enrolled.
  • Maintenance:
  • The well pump is in but we are still having some fluctuations in power from Inland Power.  Inland has logged data over a few days and believe they’ve determined the issue is coming from a transformer down the road.
  • Our HVAC tower is down again, and there are multiple problems they are chasing.
  • In the High School the fan motor was damaged during the electrical surge as well, and we were able to get the existing motor fixed.
  • For the waste water treatment plant, we are waiting on a part and a quote, and it is likely we will have to pump the sludge monthly.
  • Carpeting has experienced a couple of snags resulting in only partially finishing this summer, but the remaining rooms will be done over winter break.
  • Jeremy asked whether Inland Power or out insurance will be covered all of the issues we are experiencing from the electrical surge during the July 3rd storm.  There is an insurance claim open and we are gathering invoices.


ELEMENTARY/JUNIOR HIGH REPORT:  The following were a part of Alex Saywers report:

  • The building looks amazing thanks to our wonderful custodial staff and all of their hard work this summer.
  • We had a great turnout at our open house last night, and I appreciate the board members coming out to help serve ice cream.  Special thanks goes out to Cami Canning and Margo Smith for preparing our Open House Scavenger Hunt
  • Over the past few months we have hired two new teachers: Ryan Clifton in 1st Grade and Kim Snow in Elementary Music.
  • We have been working on adding a classroom to plan for future growth where our technology lab was. Special thanks to Mrs. Cressey for her flexibility as we make adjustments to the library. Mrs. Spears has already planned some special education groups in this room.
  • The Professional learning with Dr. Gurian and PLC planning and building level staff meetings have been very productive.
  • I want to extend our thanks to the Liberty Community Education Foundation for the donation of funds to purchase some updated Lego Robotics equipment and Drone equipment to our junior high technology class. This will provide STEM opportunities for our students. 
  • We are beginning our pilot year for using Bridges in Mathematics in K-5, as well as Illustrative mathematics in 6-8.
  • The first day of school will start with assembles and a tour of our common areas to go over our expectations. We want to give our students as much structure as possible to help them be successful.  


HIGH SCHOOL REPORT:  The following were a part of Aaron Fletcher’s report:

  • The three days of staff orientation and trainings were recapped.
  • Open house last night was a success in the high school. 
  • Tomorrow we will have a kick off assembly for the first day of school.
  • Enrollment current numbers: FTE in the building 183

                1             UCA

2             SOARS

                1             PACE

                2             Skills Center     

19           RS          

  • Chromebooks are ready to roll out to students.
  • Ag Advisory committee will meet in September/October.
  • Mrs. McKenna is hosting Financial Aid night September 21st.
  • We will be MAP testing grades 9-11th, to gain a baseline.
  • Reminder that everyone can check out the Weekly Update on High School website, to stay updated on current activity around the HS.
  • Character Counts program will continue this year and is aligned district wide to recognize students.
  • On Thursday, we will be doing the new student handprints on the wall.
  • Deputy Walton will visit Monday with each class.
  • Homecoming is right around the corner with activities the week of September 12th, and the dance September 16th.


LIBERTY ATHLETICS REPORT:  The following were a part of Kyle Dodge’s report:

  • Fall sports have started and the kids are pumped.
  • Jamboree is this Friday.
  • Numbers for our high school fall sports are as follows: Football 25, Volleyball 20, and Cross Country 9.
  • Numbers for our junior high fall sports are as follows: Football 17, Volleyball 28, and Cross Country 9.
  • Junior High volleyball and football start on Friday.
  • Stephanie Stout asked whether a third coach for JH volleyball was being recruited, and Mr. Dodge confirmed that yes, they are seeking another coach.




CONSENT AGENDA: Mark Bullock made a motion to approve the consent agenda as follows:

*Approval of regular board meeting minutes from July 27th, 2022

*General Fund Checks #114862-114925 in the amount of $313,966.68

*Comp Tax Check #202100022 in the amount of $110.28

*Capital Projects Fund Check #114926 in the amount of $1,318.72

*ASB Fund Checks #114927-114928 in the amount of $1,155.46

*VOID Check # 114827 for $81.49, Spokane Public Schools

*VOID Check #114680 and REISSUE Check #114843 for $1,625.66, Amazon

*Payroll for August 2022 and Checks #114844-114861 in the amount of $540,205.66

*Personnel Action:

  • Resignations: Hailey Derrig – Paraeducator, Bandera York – Paraeducator, Megan Anderson – Cheer Coach, Leona Budde – Cheer Coach, Rachel Widman – HS Assistant Track Coach, Kellan Watson – JH Assistant Football Coach, JH Head Baseball Coach
  • Appointments: Marie Denny – HS Head Volleyball Coach, Demi Hrytzik – Paraeducator, Logan Posey – Paraeducator, Amy Strobel – Cheer Coach, Shawna Berberich – Athletic Trainer, John Graham – JH Assistant Football Coach

Jeremy Engle seconded the motion, and it passed all-in-favor.





  1. Approval of Redistricting Resolution No. 21-22/06.

Jeremy Engle made a motion to approve Redistricting Resolution No. 21-22/06, Stephanie Stout seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

  1. Second reading and adoption of updated WSSDA Policies and Procedures 1400/1400P, 1420, 3122/3122P, 3205P, 3432/3432P, 4210, 4218/4218P, 5001, 5011, 6112, and 6700/6700P.

Stephanie Stout made a motion to adopt the updated WSSDA Policies and Procedures 1400/1400P, 1420, 3122/3122P, 3205P, 3432/3432P, 4210, 4218/4218P, 5001, 5011, 6112, and 6700/6700P, Mark Bullock seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.




ITEMS FOR THE NEXT AGENDA: Wednesday September 28th, 2022 – 7:00 PM: None.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 7:40 p.m. Chad Cornmesser announced the board would enter into executive session to discuss personnel as allowed by RCW 42.30.110 (g) for 30 minutes.



The board exited the executive session at 8:03 p.m. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 p.m.


Minutes not approved until signed at the next regular board meeting September 28th, 2022.