January 26, 2022



January 26, 2022



CALL TO ORDER:  Board Chair Chad Cornmesser called the meeting of the Liberty School District Board of Directors to order at 5:00 p.m.  The flag salute was given, and a quorum was declared.  Others present were board members Mark Bullock, Chad Denny, Stephanie Stout, Jeremy Engle and Superintendent Jerrad Jeske. 


AGENDA REVIEW:  No changes to the agenda were noted.


OATH OF OFFICE:  Jeremy Engle gave his Oath of Office, administered by Superintendent Jerrad Jeske.



  • Mark Bullock acknowledged the efforts to keep students in school and athletes.
  • Jerrad Jeske recognized the work of Aaron Fletcher, Alex Saywers, Kyle Dodge and Miranda Holling along with her nursing team.
  • Jeremy Engle thanked our community members who have stepped up to fill roles and give our district a leg up to keep our programs running.
  • Kyle Dodge highlighted Teagan Colvin as WIAA’s Athlete of the Week.


SUPERINTENDENT REPORT:  The following was a part of Jerrad Jeske’s report:

  • We’ve been working with the ESD to keep our COVID testing supply in good standing.
  • In the past 14 days we have had 113 positive cases.
  • All athletics were paused but are now back and going, and one class went to online-only for 2 days before resuming to in-person.
  • Dodge has been working to reschedule games and working with the league to make sure our districts tournaments move forward despite all of the cancellations.
  • The tremendous help from our community has lent to 10 substitute teachers, 7 para subs, and 1 bus driver who will be ready mid-February.
  • HB 1664, improving the staffing ratios for school nurses, along with school counselors, psychiatrists, and social workers, starting with next school year.
  • HB 1699, a bill that would allow retired certificated and classified staff to return to district employment for up to 1,040 hours without penalty to their pension. A key bill that would help retain some of our current staff helping to fill in.
  • The long-term services, HB 1732, has been under delay and should be ironed out sometime in the next week.
  • Last night I delivered a contract to Bill Browning regarding the use of the school property next door. Bill has been using the school property for several years now and moving forward we would like to extend his use under language that also protects the school district. 
  • Rick Brash has a plan for transportation during the Hatch hill closure and will allow for bus stops to remain in the same locations, but pick-up times may be adjusted to earlier.
  • Snow Make-Up Days will be February 18, and March 4th. The OSPI is currently not taking waivers until late April or May, and we will see how many snow-days we still have at that point.


LIBERTY ATHLETICS REPORT:  The following were a part of Kyle Dodge’s report:

  • The league is working together to make seeding fair as we enter the post-season. We are looking at all stats and not just games played.
  • Girls basketball is looking for a game, as team closures continue to be a hurdle.
  • State Wrestling did some juggling of their system for getting to state, but have just adjusted things back to their normal program.
  • We are set to host the Girl Sub-Regional Wrestling, February 5th.


ELEMENTARY/JUNIOR HIGH REPORT:  The following were a part of Alex Saywers report:

  • 2nd quarter ended on Friday the 21st, and we had our junior high awards assembly virtually, and we recognized our character trait students and academic students of the quarter. We will recognize all of our athletes at our next in-person assembly. Our January K-5 Awards Assembly will be held on January 31st, where we will recognize students for the character trait of Respect.
  • The second round of MAP assessments is this month, reading was last week and math is this week. So far, we have been seeing some great growth from our students as we looked at the scores we have so far. Thank you to Cyndi Freeman for helping to get the kids through that process.
  • The state has set a new requirement for a dyslexia screener this year, and Mrs. Spears and our team have been working to identify what portions we need to report from our DIBELS assessments on this. DIBELS is something we already use as a reading screener, and it is one of the state-identified screeners that qualifies as a dyslexia screener under the new law.
  • After we finish these screeners we will meet with teachers for our K-5 winter math and reading profile meetings to see how our fall interventions are going with our students, and determine if any changes or additions need to be made.
  • I just want to give a shout-out to our staff for rolling with all of the shortages. Every day Stacey Fisk, Mandy Spears, Aaron Fletcher and I game plan for staff being gone and many of our staff members had to cover or change their schedule and take on different challenges over the past two weeks.
  • Next month we have a Jr. High field trip (the first in 2 years), Valentine’s Day parties, and a K-5 reading training.


HIGH SCHOOL REPORT:  The following were a part of Aaron Fletcher’s report:

  • He thanked the members of the community who have stepped up to help with staffing.
  • Finals are complete and second semester is underway.
  • Lancer Pride assembly is February 4
  • CTE Advisory Committee meeting is January 31st.
  • We will begin forecasting for the 22-23 classes and schedules.
  • 2022-23 calendar meeting is next week, and it will be ready for the next board meeting.
  • Spokane Scholars selections: English- Colton Marsh, Fine Arts- Peter Gust, Foreign Language- Amelia Suksdorf, Social Studies- Connor Stitt, Math- Tayshawn Colvin, Science- Logan Grumbly. The Banquet is scheduled for April 18, at the convention center.
  • Senior projects have started, it is to be determined if we will be able to bring in the community this year for that.
  • Liberty will host the sub-District Region V FFA event 2-23, and I know Mr. Braun is always looking for volunteers.
  • Despite the Spokesman’s report that Washington schools are falling behind on the state assessments, Liberty is exceeding in all areas.




CONSENT AGENDA: Chad Denny made a motion to approve the consent agenda as follows:

*Approval of regular board meeting minutes from December 22, 2021

*General Fund Checks #114268-114312 in the amount of $79,386.31

*GF Comp Tax Check #202100010 in the amount of $8.45                                       

*Capital Projects Fund Checks #114313-114315 in the amount of $46,503.89

*Payroll for January 2022 and Checks #114249-114267 in the amount of $583,609.70

*Voided Checks #114239 in the amount of $50.00, and #114191 in the amount of $1,295.00


  • Appointments: Megen Logan – Special Education Teacher, Brittany Lasz - Paraeducator

Jeremy Engle seconded the motion, and it passed all-in-favor.





  1. Approval of HS Wrestling State overnight stay in Tacoma, February 17-20th

Jeremy Engle made a motion to approve the HS Wrestling State overnight stay in Tacoma, Chad Denny seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.




ITEMS FOR THE NEXT AGENDA:  Wednesday February 23, 2022 - 6:00 PM: 

  1. Approval of the 2022-2023 District Calendar


EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 5:25 p.m. Chad Cornmesser announced the board would enter into executive session as allowed by RCW 42.30.110 (g) for 25 minutes.


The board exited the executive session at 5:58 p.m. 


The meeting was adjourned at 6:01 p.m.