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    Click HERE for a Liberty Facility Use Form 

    1.   This form MUST be submitted at least 2 SCHOOL DAYS prior to the date the facility is being requested.

    2.    It is understood that, at ALL times the group is to be under my supervision.

    3.    It is agreed that the use of the facility is to be confined to the time of day and the specific area requested.

    4.    The building will not be available on days when school is not in session. (Due to weather or emergency)

    5.    It is agreed that the responsible party will reimburse the district if any damage occurred while using the facility.

    6.    It is agreed that the facility will be cleaned and equipment returned to its original storage.

    7.    Control and supervision for all attendees will be the sole responsibility of the party reserving the facility.

    8.    All parties MUST stay within the area requested.

    9.    Smoking, use of tobacco products, alcohol or drugs is not permitted in the school building or on school grounds. The                      responsible party accepts responsibility for the enforcement of this state law.

    10.  It is understood that any violation of the above rules will result in immediate suspension of the privilege.

    11.  The district reserves the right to cancel, upon short notice, any meeting or activity in any district facility.

    12. Any expense incurred by the district due to the use of the facility will be charged to the responsible party.