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    Lancer Track & Field web-page
    (information provided by Blaze Burnham; Liberty Athletic
    Director Brian Harrington; Lancer Head Track & Field Coach)

    Important Information:

    Hello Everyone,

    Please pass on the following to your HS track and field coaches.

    1. NE2B League Meet #3:  Liberty hosting @ Liberty High School Tuesday April 23, 2019. 
    2. Teams: Click HERE for a link to teams at this meet on Athletic.net.
    3. Please have your athletes registered on Athletic.net no later than 6:00pm Sunday April 21, 2019. Sal Lopez will download the meet on to his computer on Monday April 22. If you do not register your athletes by the above deadline, they will not be able to compete. 
    4. Coaches Meeting at 12:40 pm at the finish line/tent.
      1. Asotin/Oakesdale (Zone 1), SGS/Odessa (Zone 2), Colfax/LRS (Zone 3) will be exchange zone judges for the 4X200 Relay (Girls) and 4x100 Relay (Boys/Girls). Liberty will cover the 4th zone.
      2. Games committee (3 AD’s & 2 Coaches at the meet). Blaze Burnham (Liberty AD), Greg Whitmore (LRS AD), Brian Harrington (Liberty Coach), Sal Lopez (Asotin Coach), Cap Perry (Oakesdale Coach). 
    5. Field Events Order; Start @ 1:00 PM.
      • Pole Vault - Girls followed by Boys; 3 attempts, no finals.
      • High Jump - Boys at WEST pit.  3 attempts at each height, no finals. (Starting Height – Boys 4'6")
      • High Jump - Girls at EAST pit.  3 attempts at each height, no finals. (Starting Height – Girls 4’)
      • Long Jump followed by Triple Jump. Girls at the North Pit; 3 attempts, no finals.
      • Long Jump followed by Triple Jump. Boys at the South Pit; 3 attempts, no finals. 
      • Shot Put – Girls at North pit; 3 attempts, no finals.
      • Shot Put – Girls at South pit; 3 attempts, no finals.
      • Discus Boys followed by Girls; 3 attempts, no finals.
      • Javelin Girls followed by Boys; 3 attempts, no finals.  Throwing area located at the Liberty baseball filed home plate.
      • Field events open at 1:00 PM.
      • All field events will be open pit with three (3) attempts for all events, no finals.
      • Note:  Athletes need to check in to all Field Events at 1:00 PM.
      • Note: Athletes may check out for running events but need to be back ASAP.
      • 5:00 PM final call for all field events. 
    6. Running Events Order; Start @ 1:45PM.
      • 4 X 200m Relay Girls
      • 3200m Girls
        • TBA girls
      • 110m high hurdles (Boys; high hurdles)
        • 110m boys hurdles on the BLUE dashes on track, 3 (three) holes showing.
      • 100m high hurdles (Girls, middle hurdles)
        • 100m girls hurdles on the YELLOW dashes on track, 1 (one) hole showing.
      • 100m Boys-Girls
      • 1600m Boys-Girls
        • TBA boys, TBA girls
      • 4 X 100m Relay Boys-Girls
      • 400m Boys-Girls
      • 300m IM hurdles (Boys; middle hurdles)
        • 300m boys hurdles on the WHITE dashes, 2 (two) holes showing.
      • 300m IM hurdles (Girls; lower hurdles)
        • 300m girls hurdles on the WHITE dashes, 0 (zero) holes showing.
      • 800m Boys-Girls
        • Look for ORANGE cones for 800m after the first 100m, GREEN line on track.
      • 200m Boys-Girls
        • TBA boys
      • 4 X 400m Relay Girls-Boys
      • Running events begin at 1:45p.
      • Scoring: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 (8 places)
    7. Results: I will try to post results at Athletic.net ASAP.
    8. Please have your teams pick up their garbage before they leave.
    9. Parking Instructions, see below.  Please refer to the map below for bus parking for all Liberty home track meets. 
    10. Seating:
      1. Seating for teams/tents will be at the SW corner of the new track, above the concrete retaining wall.
      2. Seating for fans will be at the West side if the track, above the concrete retaining wall, on the grass area.  Please remind your fans to bring lawn chairs and/or blanket to sit in/on.  There are no bleachers at this time.
    11. Starting blocks.  Outside team starting blocks are prohibited.  No need to bring starting blocks to this event.  Liberty will provide starting blocks for all runners.  
    12. Conscessions provided by the Liberty School District Booster Club, Inc.  
      1. Click HERE for a menu.
    13. Restrooms:  Restrooms located outside of the Liberty Commons area.  
    14. Throwing Events layout, click HERE.
    15. Items to update for 2020.
      1. Need A, B, C flags for throwing events, just in case the throw distance is close to a previous throw.
      2. Twelve (12) flags for each throwing event, numbered 1-12.
      3. Hip numbers for runners, numbered 1-8.
      4. Towels x 10.
      5. Re-pour concrete for pole vault standards, 0-24 inches for markings.  Consult Mr. Brown from Colfax for installation.
      6. Purchase "collar" for pole vault pit.
      7. Purchase "extensions for pole vault pit.
      8. Purchase hurdle cart x 2.
      9. Start running events at 1:30 instead of 1:45?
      10. If there are not finals for field events, then could we go with 4 attempts instead of 3.
      11. Allagator clips for clipboards, for wind.
      12. Last Lancer track meet before 4/23/19 was in 1971.
      13. Scissors x 1.
      14. LOST & FOUND





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