•  Senior Wall Composite

    Hard copies are required. These photos will be permanently displayed at LHS and not returned. These are to fit into a 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 opening.    Students are cautioned against using headshots that don’t fill the frame well, or photos that are too distant.  Students and parents are encouraged to check out past years’ photos to get an idea as to which poses present well.

     Senior Slide Show

    For the graduation slide show, we request 3 photos of YOU! Many include a baby pic, a senior pic, and one of your “in between” years. But, you can send any 3 you like. We also like to include as many group photos as possible that represent as many different classmates as possible. These can be sent electronically (preferred) or in hard copy format. Please send yours to Ms. Whittall at twhittall@libertysd.us



Last Modified on August 30, 2016