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    Booster Club, Inc.
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    The Liberty School District Booster Club Wants You-
    • NEXT MEETING DATE is May 15, 2018 @ 6:00 PM in the Liberty HS Multi-Purpose Room.
    • Who We Are
    • The Liberty Boosters is a group of dedicated parents, grandparents, local business owners and community members that share the common goal of improving the Liberty School District.
    • What We Do
    • Thank you for your interest and support of the Liberty School District Booster Club.   The Liberty Schools are all shined up and the the Lancer football fields are starting to bustle this week with players, large and small.  It’s hard to believe that another year is upon us... and we are excited and looking forward to it.  Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!
    • In our August meeting, Chanda Heer was elected as President.  Danica Foland was elected Vice President.  Cheri Burnham was re-elected as Treasurer.  Di Harrington was elected as Secretary.   
    • We need your membership!
    • This last year, your Liberty School District Booster Club gave back over $25,000 to Liberty.  In the last four years, the LSDBC has given over $100,000 back to Liberty Schools, clubs, and athletics.  We are very proud of this accomplishment and could not have done it without the communities sponsorship and support and our volunteers hard work.  “Liberty is on a roll” and we ask that you consider sponsoring us again this year.  Our membership drive is a key part of our fundraising efforts each year, and our DRIVE IS NOW OPEN.  Please join the Liberty School District Booster Club; your sponsorship will allow us to continue the progress at Liberty.
    • We need volunteers!
    • As time goes on, our kids grow, graduate, and our members hand off involvement to the next generation of Lancers.  If we are going to continue our success, we need members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help out.  Over the years, we have decreased our number of meetings and taken a fresh approach to how we fundraise to spread the work.  Please consider getting involved in our club, we have a number of opportunities for folks to participate with.
    • Thank you again for your support of the Liberty School District Booster Club, and for your membership.  Our club has really helped make Liberty a better place over the years, and we look forward to supporting more great things this New Year!  If you have questions, or if you can help us, please call or write. 
    Go Lancers!  Go Knights!
    Chanda Heer, President
    509-990-8345 or libertyboosters@libertysd.us
    Danica Foland, Vice President
    509-998-7639 or libertyboosters@libertysd.us
    Liberty School District Booster Club - Officers
    Position Name Email
    President Chanda Heer libertyboosters@libertysd.us
    Vice President Danica Foland libertyboosters@libertysd.us
    Treasurer Cheri Burnham libertyboosters@libertysd.us
    Secretary Di Harrington libertyboosters@libertysd.us
       Chair-Membership Janet Johnson libertyboosters@libertysd.us
       Chair-Concessions Shelly Haas libertyboosters@libertysd.us
       Chair-Major Fundraising Chanda Heer libertyboosters@libertysd.us
       Chair-Holiday Greeting Chanda Heer libertyboosters@libertysd.us
       Chair-Friends of Liberty Blaze Burnham bburnham@libertysd.us
       Chair-XtheTEXT Di Harrington libertyboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Chair Rachel Tiegs juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Treasurer Tanya Reedy juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Fundraising Tanya Reedy / Susan Ellis juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Yearbook Leona Budde / Donna Stitt / Shelly Haas juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Liberty Spotlight Tanya Reedy / Stacia Shirley  juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Science Fair Julie Schulken juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Fun Run Stacia Shirley juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - JH Concessions OPEN juniorboosters@libertysd.us
       K-8 Boosters - Teacher/Bus Driver Appreciation Lori Olson juniorboosters@libertysd.us
    Review your membership choices below
    • The Liberty Booster Club needs you!  Your membership fees support all student based activities and organizations. Volunteering your time will also enable us to be a more successful Booster club and therefore reinvest greater profits back into the Liberty School programs! The Booster Club meets monthly on the third Monday of the month-- watch for dates in the “Next Week at Liberty” email communication. Please join us!
    • CLICK on this Link to Print and Mail Form
    • Please Mail form to:  Liberty Booster Club * Attn. Cheri Burnham * PO Box 1 Spangle, WA 99031
    Liberty School District Booster Club Forms
    • Deposit form
    • This form is used by organizations with LSDBC INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS to submit fundraising deposits to be applied to their specific account. 
    • General Request form
    • This form is for general fund requests to be considered by the LSDBC at their next meeting (NOTE REQUEST DEADLINE).


    We’re looking forward to a great year! If you have questions, please call or write.
    Chanda Heer, President
    509-990-8345 or libertyboosters@libertysd.us
    Danica Foland, Vice President
    509-998-7639 or libertyboosters@libertysd.us