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    Liberty Community Education Foundation

    About the Foundation

    The Liberty Community Education Foundation (LCEF) was established in 2007 to provide for the ongoing academic, extracurricular, and scholarship needs of Liberty Schools, students, teachers, staff and alumni.  The foundation was created to enhance the Liberty School District and the communities in which it serves.  LCEF seeks to bridge the gap between what state and local funds provide and what the systems need to provide our students with the best possible educational experiences, benefiting them now and in the future.


    The Liberty Community Education Foundation develops private resources to enrich education for the lifelong learning experiences of our students and community.  Our objectives include enhancing education opportunities for students and alumni; enriching academic experiences by supporting extracurricular activities; encouraging teachers by supporting new and creative ideas for delivering education; and, promoting school and community partnerships to share financial and human resources.

    Our Programs

    The Foundation has created programs which will provide for the ongoing academic, extracurricular and scholarship needs of Liberty Schools, students, teachers, staff and alumni.  Students and alumni are eligible to apply for post-secondary scholarships through the scholarship program.  Teachers, administrators and staff are invited to apply for project funding through the mini-grant program.
    How can I support the Foundation?

    There are a number of ways to provide support for the Foundation's endowment fund while gaining potential tax benefits.  An outright gift or bequest is a typical means of contributing to the endowment.  Contributions may be in the form of cash, real estate, appreciated securities or a life insurance policy.  Generally, such gifts afford significant tax benefits for the donor. Please consult your financial adviser for more information.

  • Current Board Members 2024

    Marie Denny
    Vice President: Tawnya Myers
    Secretary: Julie Olley
    Treasurer:  Ashley Sievers
    Auction Coordinators: Kammi Smith and Bill Sievers

    Board Members:
    Armin Vogt
    Bre Holling
    KayDee Gilkey
    Patty Roll 
    Sally Tee
    Austin Sievers
    Mary Beth Stirn
    Aly Moles

    District Representative:
    Jerrad Jeske

    Contact Information

    Liberty Community Education Foundation
    PO Box 82
    Spangle, WA  99031
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