• What is Title 1 Reading?

    Title 1 Reading is a federally funded program designed to help students who are struggling to learn how to read, but who do not qualify for specialized instruction. Students will meet with an instructor for no more than 30 minutes at a time in a small group setting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. During this time, your student will receive intensive and focused foundational reading skills instruction to help accelerate your student's reading journey.

    How do students get chosen for Title 1 Reading?

    Throughout the year, Liberty administers AIMSWEB and MAPS screening assessments. These assessments help us to identify students who may be at risk of reading delays. Should your student be identified as potentially needing extra support in the area of reading, you will receive a letter home inviting your child to join Title 1 Reading and asking for your permission. If this form does not return to school, it is assumed that you are granting permission for your child to join this class. If you do not want your child to join this class, please make sure to fill in and return the form indicating that you do not wish for your child to attend the Title 1 Reading Class.

    When does the Title 1 Reading Class take place?

    Title 1 reading occurs during a time of the class day called WIN (What I Need) time. What is happening in the classroom at this time changes based on the teacher, but this is a time specifically designed to be a review period where students who need to attend classes like Title Reading, LAP math, or other resource classes will not miss any new learning that is happening in the classroom.

    Where does Title 1 Reading happen?

    Title 1 Reading is taught in the Elementary wing of the Elementary/Jr High building in room 112.

    Who teaches Title 1 Reading?

    Title 1 Reading is led by Veronica Bermann. Veronica has an undergraduate degree in communication disorders and a minor in psychology. She also has a master's degree in elementary education and a teaching certificate with endorsements in the areas of reading and English language learning. Veronica has been working at Liberty since 2019 and has been serving as the Title 1 Reading teacher since 2021. Veronica is assisted in teaching the class by an amazing team of expertly qualified para-educators, including Kim Burley, Katie Long, Longan Posey, and Chrissy DeGon. This team of individuals is incredibly passionate about helping young people to be the best little learners they possibly can be.

    What curriculum does Title 1 Reading use?

    As of 2022, Title 1 Reading will be utilizing a curriculum called Sonday System by Winsor Learning. This curriculum is based on Orton-Gillingham methods and has a proven, research-based method for helping students at risk of reading disabilities learn to read. Title 1 Reading also implements the science of reading principles being used by classroom teachers.