• Concert Dress for Band

    Men’s Attire

    Women’s Attire

    • All Black
    • Black Collared Shirt
      • Short/Long Sleeve
    • Black Slacks
    • Black Socks
    • All-Black Shoes (Tennis is fine)
    • Tie of your Choice
      • Any color, refrain from flashy designs (Logos, Symbols, etc.)
    • All Black
    • Same as men including:
    • Long Black Skirt (Below knees!)
      • If wearing a Skirt:
        • Black Leggings
        • No fishnets, patterns
    • All Black Shoes
    • Closed toe flats
      • No heels for safety


    Appropriate attire is required for each performance. Attire will be different depending on performances and discussed about in class before performances. The best default attire would be to have a black button-up shirt, black slacks, black socks, and black shoes. Sweat pants, pajama pants, nylons, or yoga pants are not acceptable. Tennis shoes are ok, as long as they are nice and all black (No colored stripes or laces)

    Ladies may wear a long black skirt if they like, instead of pants. The skirts must be long enough to be past the knees when standing, so they will be the appropriate length when sitting and playing an instrument. Wearing either black or neutral color nylons (no fishnets or patterns) will be appropriate for concerts underneath a skirt or dress. Do not wear high heels for safety reasons! Black flats are appropriate.

    Check to make sure you have the appropriate clothes! Don’t wait until the night before to try and find pants, a shirt, etc. Feel free to contact Mr. Pendon at any time with any questions


    Concert Dress for Choir

    Attire for the men is the same as above, however, Men will wear matching bowties that will be provided by Mr. Pendon

    Ladies will wear a designated choir dress that will be provided by the school or the Music Boosters. We will size students near the beginning of the year and have them assigned a dress. Students are expected to return their dresses by the end of the year and keep them in good condition. Between events, the dresses should be returned to the uniform room in the band room. You can see the dress at this link: https://demoulin.com/products/denise-sweetheart-neckline-dress


Last Modified on September 5, 2022