• Understanding Title 1 Reading

    Title 1 Reading is a government-funded program that assists students struggling with reading but not requiring specialized instruction. It involves small group sessions lasting around 30 minutes, conducted approximately four to five times a week. During these sessions, students receive focused instruction to enhance their reading skills.

    Student Selection for Title 1 Reading

    Liberty School administers AIMSWEB and MAPS assessments throughout the year to assess students' reading abilities. These assessments help identify students at risk of reading difficulties. If your child requires additional reading support, you'll receive an invitation letter requesting permission for them to join Title 1 Reading. Failure to return the form will be assumed as consent. If you do not wish your child to participate, please return the form indicating your preference.

    Timing and Location

    Title 1 Reading occurs during WIN (What I Need) time within the school day. Activities during this period may vary but generally involve reviewing previously taught material. This prevents students from missing new lessons in their regular classes. Classes are held in Room 112 in the Elementary wing of the Elementary/Jr High building.

    Title 1 Reading Instructor

    Veronica Bermann leads Title 1 Reading. She holds an undergraduate degree in communication disorders and psychology, a master's degree in elementary education, and a teaching certificate with endorsements in reading and English language learning. She has been with Liberty School since 2019 and has been teaching Title 1 Reading since 2021.

    Title 1 Reading Curriculum

    Beginning in 2022, Title 1 Reading uses the Sonday System curriculum due to its effectiveness. Key highlights include:

    • Building foundational skills such as letter sounds and word decoding.
    • A structured approach guiding students from letter recognition to reading paragraphs.
    • Personalized instruction tailored to each student's needs.
    • Multisensory learning with visual and auditory elements.
    • Fostering a love for reading and comprehension.
    • Adaptability for students at different reading levels.
    • Resources like teacher guides and assessments for parents.

    Expectations in the Title 1 Reading Classroom

    In Title 1 Reading, your child will:

    • Learn letter sounds, blend sounds into words, and recognize common words.
    • Practice fluent and expressive reading.
    • Enhance reading comprehension.

    Rest assured, a comprehensive plan is in place to improve your child's reading skills. If you have questions or want more information about the Sonday System, please contact the teacher. Together, we're nurturing strong readers.